NIKITA ONLINE and Extreme announce a partnership


February 20, 2017, Moscow-Tokyo. — NIKITA ONLINE is launching «Amber Heart» in three Japanese social networks with the support of Japanese online games publisher Extreme.

«Amber Heart: Secrets of Cannaregio», a game created by NIKITA ONLINE development team, is now available to the users of Japan’s largest social network game platform Yahoo! Mobage ( This game in the «hidden objects» genre has become very popular in the Russian social networks and more than 14 mln Japanese gamers will be able to enjoy this popular projeсt on their native language. Thanks to the partnership with Extreme, «Amber Heart» will soon be available on two other gaming platforms — Mixi and NHN Hangame.

«Amber heart: Secrets of Cannaregio» is an unusual hidden object-journey to the alternate universe where the beauty of the High Renaissance era becomes the background for hunting people with magical abilities. Ordinary people are afraid of the mages, which are called “cursed blood” in this world. That’s why they catch them and send to exile in the closed town of Cannaregio. This is where your story starts in this game. Here, behind the strong walls of Cannaregio you will learn more about the past of your hero and will have to make a choice: either to stay in your usual world on the surface, or go deeper to the dungeon network that stretches beneath the town and meet your fate there. Cannaregio is just pretending to be an ordinary human town: riddles and dangers are waiting for you behind every corner. You will have to travel to the furthest corners of the dungeons and meet the most unexpected people to unravel the mysteries of this town and escape from its prison.

«Amber heart» is currently translated into three languages and is available in 118 different countries. The number of installations in social networks has reached 1.2 million and is expected to increase significantly after the game’s launch in Japan.

«By working with different platforms, we try to make our games available to the widest possible audience. Partnership with Extreme, one of the most experienced publishers in Japan, allows us to present one of our products — «Amber heart: Secrets of Cannaregio» — most effectively. This game may be unusual for the Asian online games market, but we are confident that the high quality of the game and the professional approach of our partners from Extreme will make our mutual project a smashing success in such a unique country as Japan»,— said Stepan Zotov, CEO of NIKITA ONLINE.

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