«Black Sails» launches on GameXP


7 March 2017, Moscow. — Raise the Jolly Roger and cast off the lines: «Black Sails» launched on GameXP sets new horizons for the fans of naval romance.

NIKITA ONLINE announces the launch of a new project called «Black Sails» on its own platform GameXP. The developers from Ink Group studio offer a colorful MMORPG full of exciting battles, interesting quests, user-friendly rating system and lots of other features. Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for you!

«Black Sails» is a browser MMORPG, where everyone can pillage and plunder and rifle and loot and become the part of the pirate brotherhood. Prepare for the life full of adventures: explore islands, defeat scary monsters, find ancient treasures and powerful artifacts, raid and fight with other players. And don’t forget that you don’t have to do all that alone — create the crew of your dreams, equip it and set the sail to the rising sun together. Prove anyone that you are the true terror of the sea! But remember that you should show all your skills and wits, because there are much more than fifteen men for the dead men’s chest.

Features of the game:

• Colorful graphics and exciting storyline;
• Versatile system of character’s development: complete quests, earn reputation, and improve your pirate’s skills; they will save your life in battles.
• Create the crew: you can invite companions to your service, improve their skills according to your battle tactics and go for adventures together;
• Giant armory: huge variety of blades, guns, and more exotic weapons;
• Exciting battles: defeat opposite teams on the arena and move all the way to the top of leaderboards;
• A lot of activities: sail through the seas, explore mysterious world around you, find new cities, travel through islands and so on;
• Peaceful jobs: become a shipwright and build boats, catch crabs and mend nets. Help to build the town, upgrade buildings to reduce costs, and get experience and new quests;
• World bosses: this sea is full of terrible monsters, defeat them all!

You can register and start playing right now – «Black Sails» is available using the following link:

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