On the multi-gaming platform GameXP released a new project in conjunction with the developer of games LiveGames. Each user of the platform can now get into the game space, where a large number of mini-games of popular genres are represented. Now on the resources of GameXP, in addition to the usual set of games, you can see desktop, logic and card games.

From now on the portal has a distinctive selection of mini-games, which, by the way, can also be installed on mobile devices. Among more than 100 legendary games online with live contenders: poker, billiard, dominoes, backgammon, roulette, chess, checkers, mahjong and many others. As an additional reason for the joy of regular users of the platform - the new service will allow using existing GXP for games.

To date, one of the key factors for the development of online gaming services is the internal communication environment between platform users. For this, GameXP regularly creates and renews the conditions for communication and interaction within the site - comfortable chat rooms and private rooms for playing with friends. And for those who prefer to relax from communication, there is the opportunity to choose random opponents, watch current parties of professionals, or play alone - in general, the full range of opportunities for comfortable playing in any mode.

The joint project opened new opportunities for regular visitors to GameXP - now new types of games are available for players, which will increase the number of registered users, and therefore opponents and like-minded people. For players, the conditions for using the service will not change, all games will be available on the same rights as before.

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