NIKITA ONLINE is pleased to announce the fascinating browser strategy "Khan Wars" from the developers of XS Software


"Khan Wars" is a browser-based multiplayer online game with an uncommon tactical and strategic system. Start the game with modest possessions and turn the medieval principality into a formidable advanced state. Expand the boundaries and spheres of influence with the help of various tactics and the diversity of military power. You can choose one of the twelve nations, each of which has its own characteristics.

Available Arabs, Bulgarians, Britons, Franks, Germans, Mongols, Vikings, Litwin, Rusichi, Japanese. However, the path of the young ruler in any case will not be easy: conflicts with neighbors, sieges of castles, clan wars – far from a complete list of what will have to face. Participate in "Khan Wars" and know the limits of your abilities!

- Twelve balanced nations. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses;
- The Knights. Unique heroes, who with the help of ancient artifacts are able to change the course of the battle;
- The variability of strategies. Create an effective army of 28 different units;
- Unions. Join clans and form alliances to win tournaments and enslave the nations;
- Capturing PVP and PVE modes;
- An interesting system of bonuses and in-game awards;
- Excellent graphics and support for all popular platforms;
- User-friendly interface and responsive support service;

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