The long-awaited Update "Keepers of the Outpost" in the online game Karos


This update will bring players new monsters, equipment, assignments and awards, as well as a new location, a new type of castle for conquest and a new maximum level - all that the fans of the project have been waiting for and waiting for.

The gaming universe of Karos has a long history, the game exists on the market since 2010 and not only keeps the circle of its dedicated players, but also constantly increases its audience with new users. For this, a constant and active work is being done on the content with the developers of the game. The current update was prepared almost throughout the year, and this is due to the desire to release a large and exciting update for the players and not to disappoint the fans of the game.

The update is mainly designed for high-level players and will allow them to continue developing their hero.

For players already available:

The new location (recommended level 105+), which will enable players to fight with new monsters, obtain high-level equipment and weapons, as well as perform interesting tasks and receive rewards for them. Expansion of the game world is always exciting and interesting for the audience.

Lock with a fundamentally new grip mechanics. Such a mechanics of seizure of territory in this game was not yet. It is more dynamic and challenges existing users.

Increase the maximum level of the character to 110. Increased progress and new levels always open up more opportunities for players, give a chance to get weapons and equipment of a higher level. No update can not do without such changes, players always wait for this.

More information on the official website of Karos.

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