«Panic Room» launches in Turkish language


June, 21, 2017. Moscow — NIKITA ONLINE launches mobile version of “Panic Room: House of Secrets” in Turkish.

Russian developer and Publisher NIKITA ONLINE has a lot of projects in its portfolio allowing to gain a foothold on the international gaming market. One of them is the detective game in the “hidden object” genre “Panic Room: House of secrets” that has gained popularity worldwide because of its intriguing plot and atmosphere of the mystical noir-detective, not to mention the nonlinear story and a lot of interesting quests and puzzles.

Despite the growing influence of globalization on the international gaming market, the audience still mostly prefers localized projects. The “Panic Room” has already been localized for AppStore https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id603432379 in different languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese. Now the time has come to conquer new heights.

Turkish game market is developing rapidly: according to the forecasts of the specialists of Turkish and foreign gaming industry it will achieve significant results in the next five years and come into prominence in the international arena.

"We’re always interested in international expansion, that’s why our game is translated into the most common languages. We know for sure that talking one language to our users helps us win their hearts. Turkish players have already had the ability to play our game on Facebook, but now we are happy to announce that the mobile version of “Panic Room” also supports Turkish. We’re sure that will make this outstanding project even more popular" — says CEO of NIKITA ONLINE Stepan Zotov.

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