NIKITA ONLINE announces the launch of new strategy game «Rage War» on GameXP


August 29, 2017, Moscow. – New game «Rage War» was launched on the GameXP gaming portal

NIKITA ONLINE in cooperation with publishing company «XS Software» launches the new «Rage War» game. The multiplayer online strategy with a unique combat system and peculiar plot based on real- historical events from the Bulgarian developers team «Fury Studio» is already available on GameXP.

When the player starts the «Rage War» they find themselves in the Stone Age thanks to the brilliant inventor of all ages Leonardo da Vinci, his broken time machine and unfortunate turn of events. Now they have to establish a small settlement at the beginning of the human era guide it through the ages until it turns to a futuristic metropolis – it’s the only way to help Leonardo restore the required level of science and technology, fix the time machine and complete his mission.

The game has an obvious advantage over other strategies due to the unique combat system, almost endless opportunities for interaction with other players, spectacular plot and many other interesting features.

The launch of this unique game with many distinctive features is a great chance for NIKITA ONLINE to add a new line to the portfolio of published games and to attract new players to GameXP, who are tired of repetitive games and are looking for something new in the strategy genre.

Shake the boredom off and become the Lord of Time and History! «Rage War» is already available on the following link:

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