«The Panic Room: House of Secrets» is now available at Google Play


Semptember 01, 2017, Moscow. — NIKITA ONLINE brings «The Panic Room: House of Secrets» to Google Play for Android based smartphones and tablets.

«The Panic Room: House of Secrets» is a mobile and social “hidden object” game that became a smashing success in the gaming market due to its captivating story and a number of unique features including a non-linear plot, the tantalizing air of mystery and thousands of hand-made puzzles and quests that make «The Panic Room» stand out against all other hidden object games. NIKITA ONLINE actively promotes the game both at its own gaming portal GameXP and numerous other mobile and social platforms belonging to its partners including Facebook, Yahoo! Mobage, AppStore and others (visit http://panicroomgame.com/presskit_ru.php for details).

Google Play allows publishers and developers to promote their games worldwide, which is why bringing «The Panic Room» to this store was only a matter of time. The Google Play release makes the game available to over a billion active Android users all over the world (190 countries), which allows NIKITA ONLINE to significantly increase its coverage and attract a completely new audience. Considering that NIKITA ONLINE actively promotes international expansion, «The Panic Room» Google Play release is a major step forward that is guaranteed to solidify the company’s influence in the international gaming market.

«The Panic Room» is now available for any Android device: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.ru.nikitaonline.panicroom.mobile

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