New MMORPG «Three Kingdoms» comes to GameXP


September 14, 2017, Moscow – NIKITA ONLINE announces the launch of a new browser MMORPG «Three Kingdoms» at GameXP entertainment portal.

Chinese development studio Carolgames gives players a chance to experience the world of ancient China and enjoy fantastic adventures in this new popular MMORPG.

«Three Kingdoms» allows players to become aspiring paragons who will participate in epic battles and complete many engaging quests and challenges. Even the most experienced MMORPG veterans will appreciate the game’s unique romantic storyline.

Game’s fascinating plot is set in the colorful and realistic land of historic Three Kingdoms where thrill and adventures await. Players will meet peaceful villagers and mighty emperors that need to be helped, encounter terrible monsters and cunning enemies that must be defeated and find beautiful maidens that have to be rescued. One of the game’s unique features is the ability to bring these ladies to your house, court them and even start families, which separates the game from similar MMORPGs.

In «Three Kingdoms», even the simplest battles require strategic thinking, offering choice between offensive and defensive tactics. Your protagonist will have to rely on support from his powerful mounts and 9 courageous allies who also can gain experience and can be leveled up.

Start playing right away — «Three Kingdoms» is already available:

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