«The Panic Room: House of Secrets» is now available at Alawar Entertainment gaming portal


October 12, 2017, Moscow – NIKITA ONLINE brings «The Panic Room: House of Secrets» to Alawar Entertainment gaming platforms.

«The Panic Room», one of NIKITA ONLINE’s most successful games, is now available to many users frequenting the gaming portals of Alawar Entertainment, a large publishing company.

«The Panic Room» is one of NIKITA ONLINE’s leading and most successful projects. It became popular due to its exciting detective storyline, plenty of original quests and mysterious atmosphere that almost immediately captures the audience: NIKITA ONLINE actively seeks to promote the game and has already made it available at numerous social, mobile and browser gaming platforms.

Alawar is a well-known publisher and developer, extremely popular in Russia as well as abroad. Bringing the game to Alawar allows NIKITA ONLINE to establish partnership with a major gaming company and to include another extremely successful platform in «The Panic Room»’s ever growing portfolio. It should be noted that Alawar specializes in browser and casual games, which is guaranteed to attract plenty of new users to «The Panic Room» and to significally expand its existing audience.

The game is available at https://www.alawar.ru/game/the-panic-room/.

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