Time of the First: NIKITA ONLINE celebrates its 26th birthday


October 13, 2017, Moscow – Rostov-on-Don – NIKITA ONLINE celebrates 26 years in game industry.

NIKITA ONLINE, the very first Russian gaming company officially founded in 1991, time and again pioneered Russian game industry by releasing the first Russian MMORPG «Sphere», the first Russian 3D space shooter «Parkan», the first Russian real life simulator «Avatarika» and numerous other games.

Despite its extensive experience and 26 years of age, 200 titles and 24 million unique users the company looks into the future, still publishing and developing games and seeking to move to a new international level.

NIKITA ONLINE celebrates its birthday by launching special events, contests, promotions and other festivities in all of its projects. The company also prepared an unusual surprise – a small excursion into its eventful past designed in an intriguing «trending» style: https://www.gamexp.ru/events/vremya-1/. The users may take part in a contest and win prizes by posting a festive thematic rap song in social networks.

NIKITA ONLINE explains the novelty of its project by pointing out that rap battles are growing in popularity and are enjoyed by contemporary audience. NIKITA ONLINE is always doing its best to cater to the needs and interests of its users.

NIKITA ONLINE invites all online gaming enthusiasts to join it for grand-scale celebrations in all of the company’s projects.

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