New Game «The Walking Undead» Comes To GameXP


October 31, 2017, Moscow – New browser MMORPG «The Walking Undead» comes to GameXP.

NIKITA ONLINE and Chinese studio Boyojoy launch the new MMORPG «The Walking Undead» on GameXP gaming portal in time for Halloween.

The Chinese developers of «The Walking Undead» invite players to experience the grim reality of a postapocalyptic universe: chaos reigns, fear and hatred have erased the last vestiges of order and once thriving cities are now filled with decaying zombies and humans ready to turn on each other at a moment’s notice because their very survival is at stake.

Players will have to choose from one of the three unique classes, assemble a party of 10 survivors and do their best to prevent the extinction of human race. They will have to survive, fight for limited resources, drive back zombie hordes and even challenge each other for supremacy.

Popular zombie apocalypse theme, convenient and intuitive gameplay, hundreds of different locations and engaging quests as well as flashy battles with terrifying monsters that in some cases had been the player’s close friends and companions until just hours ago make «The Walking Undead» stand out among the rest of the games in the survival genre.

Start playing right away — «The Walking Undead» is available at

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