New update for «Sphere 3: Enchanted World» adds clan skills and unveils a new server


December 26, 2017 , Moscow – NIKITA ONLINE’s leading project «Sphere 3: Enchanted World» continues to evolve thanks to the addition of new clan skills and the unveiling of a new server.

The update introduces a new feature: clan skills. As the clan develops, its leader and officers gain access to unique advantages at every clan level that all clan members can benefit from.

Additionally, a new PvP-sever «Immertel» has been opened that will allow players to start over with a clean slate. This new world has not yet been divided into high-level and low-level characters, allowing both veterans and new players to fight common enemies together or to compete for the right to be the first to capture an ancient castle, obtain a rare piece of equipment or defeat a world boss.

«We love to see our game evolve and become better, which is why we keep perfecting it, correcting mistakes and releasing new patches, — said NIKITA ONLINE’s CEO Stepan Zotov.Creating and developing one’s clan is an important gameplay element, and we hope that the introduction of new skills makes this process even more exciting. At the same time, a new server will let experienced players make a fresh start in «Sphere 3: Enchanted world» and enjoy the magical journey from the very beginning.»

The «Sphere 3» game client can be downloaded from the official site:

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