New strategy RPG «Virus T» is now available at GameXP


January 22, 2018, Moscow – New browser strategy RPG «Virus T» comes to the GameXP gaming portal.

NIKITA ONLINE and Chinese studio Jichuang have brought a new title, «Virus T», to the company’s gaming portal GameXP.

The game offers players an opportunity to experience a world afflicted by zombie apocalypse as cities begin to swarm with living dead due to an outbreak of mysterious and deadly disease.

Players will have to advance their character’s skills, look for companions and develop strategies to overcome the pathogen code-named “Virus T” that will bring the end of the world if left unchecked. Survivors will have to face a horde of bloodthirsty mutants hell-bent on total destruction: a single bite or a scratch from a rotting claw is enough to transform a person into a frenzied eater of living flesh.

“Virus T” offers a chance to experience a ruined world with its countless vibrant and beautiful locations, engaging quests, epic zombie battles and conflicts with other players to anyone who is not afraid to take arms against the mysterious infection!

Find out if you’ve got what it takes to survive «Virus T»! The game is already available at:

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