«Sphere 3: Rage of The Devastator» is now available


March 28, 2018., Moscow. – Developer NIKITA ONLINE launches the largest update in the history of «Sphere 3»– «Rage of the Devastator». Aside from adding new content, the update significantly changes the game’s looks and its combat mechanics.

The developers completely reworked the game's graphics. It took NIKITA ONLINE two years to find the perfect balance: now Sphere 3 looks much better despite retaining the original system requirements.

The global update also changes game mechanics and assigns new effects to character stats. This change is meant to encourage users to use different builds and make Sphere 3 a more diverse and interesting games. Fewer «best in slot» solutions and more conscious choice – the update stimulates players to choose their unique style while staying an effective combatant.

Aside from these obvious and not-so-obvious changes, the addon bring plenty of new content to the game.

The unprecedented scope of the update convinced NIKITA ONLINE to organize the first open beta test in the history of «Sphere 3»: all player characters were copied to a test server, but it was also possible to create a character so that anyone could participate in the event. Over the course of 2 weeks players submitted countless bug reports, suggestions and complaints that were carefully analyzed by game masters, testers and developers. As player feedback was taken into account and new changes were implemented daily. The developers also published a number of video diaries where they talked about the update in general and described the contents of patches, explained the reasons for their decisions, showed how to solve potential problems and demonstrated «Sphere 3»’s new gameplay. The reception of the new update was mixed – not all members of the gaming community were prepared for the global changes, but most users appreciated the innovations and the exclusive chance to participate in the beta test and experience the update before it went live, influencing the developers’ decisions and improving game balance of «Sphere 3» in a major way.

«Sphere 3: Rage of the Devastator» is already live on all game servers. You may learn more about the update and give it a try by clicking the following link: http://promo.s3.gamexp.ru/upd1803/

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