«Cannaregio» comes to Japanese social network Mixi


April 04, 2018, Moscow – NIKITA ONLINE and social and mobile publisher wizQ bring «Cannaregio» to Japanese social network Mixi.

«Cannaregio» is not the first game NIKITA ONLINE brought to Mixi – a year earlier the company launched another hidden object game in Japan, «Panic Room: House of Secrets»

Thanks to the partners’ efforts more than 32.7 million active users of social network Mixi can now enjoy «Cannaregio» and its many features that made the game a success among Russian- and English- speaking players all over the world.

The Asian region remains the company’s area of interest when it comes to NIKITA ONLINE’s flagship products. WizQ have once again enthusiastically assisted the company in translating the game into a new language, and thanks to their efforts «Cannaregio» will soon be able to win over the multimillion Japanese audience just like it happened before with the success of «Panic Room». In turn, NIKITA ONLINE continues to work on the project and intends to release the next episode of the story.

«Cannaregio» is a hidden object game that is popular with social network and mobile game players from all over the world thanks to its detective plot, the scene of which is laid in a fantasy Renaissance kingdom. The release of NIKITA ONLINE’s next project in Asian region is expected to bring in new audience, spark new interest towards the games of this genre and cultivate demand in the mobile and social games market.

Now Japanese players can enjoy the thrilling atmosphere of the game where countless surprises and subtle fear contribute to unforgettable experience. Thanks to wizQ massive influence in Japan’s gaming market and NIKITA ONLINE extensive experience, «Cannaregio»’s release is likely to establish a new standard for hidden object games in this country.

You may play «Cannaregio» right now by clicking the following link: mixi.jp/view_appli.pl?id=41624

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