Higher than the stars! NIKITA ONLINE publishes the Parkan, The Imperial Chronicles on the Itch.io platform


The game takes place in the distant future of mankind in a far-far-away galaxy. The user will play as a pilot of the Imperial fighter Parkan that has crashed in a distant star system on the edge of the oecumene. The task is clear, you are to find a lost research vessel called Wanderer, which has mysteriously vanished in this area, and deliver it to the base, but how to do it, and how to respond to the obstacles encountered on the way, it's up to you. The game will offer you making alliances with robotic civilizations, fighting space pirates, establishing your colony or becoming a mercenary of an extraterrestrial civilization. Mind our word, during more than 20 hours of gameplay there won't be a single boring minute.

"At its time, Parkan was a breakthrough in the gaming industry, and, in terms of gameplay, this game still has something to offer even today 20 years after the release", — says CEO of NIKITA ONLINE Stepan Zotov. – "Itch.io hosts mostly indie projects, which means that its main audience consists of users waiting for the games to offer them new and exclusive experiences. We believe that this audience will appreciate what Parkan the Empire Chronicles offers them".

Learn more about the game on its page on Itch.io portal:

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