Rise like a phoenix. Parkan. Iron Strategy launched on Steam


Parkan universe is already in its thirties, but many gameplay solutions used in the games of this title remain relevant to this day. For example "Parkan. Iron strategy" that was recently launched in Steam offers a player more than 20 missions on unique planets with individually generated landscape, a well-developed system of creation and upgrade of different types of battle and civil vehicles, as well as the ability to switch to the first-person view turning the real-time strategy in an breathtaking "action".

"This is not the first game of the Parkan universe that we launch in Steam", - says Nikita ONLINE CEO, Stepan Zotov. -"Not so long ago, the first game of the title, "Parkan. The Imperial Chronicles" was published here and received a warm welcome from the audience, with positive reviews left not only by those who have seen the game in the days of glory, but also by new users. We hope that the "Iron strategy" will find its audience as well".

To download the game from Steam visit its page:

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