NIKITA ONLINE Launches The Panic Room: Outrage on iOS


NIKITA ONLINE presents an iOS version of its own-developed game The Panic Room: Outrage. A hidden-object title well- appraised by millions of users on social networks is now available for iPad owners.

NIKITA ONLINE, one of the leading Russian online games publishers, continues to expand its area of operations. The Panic Room: Outrage, a game by the company’s own devstudio, is now available on Russian App Store ( and is about to have an international release for Apple gadgets users worldwide.

By the time The Panic Room: Outrage launch on iOS the game has won 3 million-strong audience on the biggest Russian (Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, My World), Polish (Nasza Klasa) and Latvian (Draugiem) social networks. More than 10 million users of NIKITA's GameXP entertainment web-portal ( also enjoy the game.

The Panic Room: Outrage gives you a thrilling experience of a man dragged into the whirlwind of dangerous and mysterious events threatening his life and freedom. A player’s main goal is to find a way out of a mansion which is used by psychotic Puppet master as a laboratory where he puts his prisoners under various trials with the aim of grasping the essence of such things as freedom and will. You cannot break free without finding the keys at first. And that is a peace of task considering a scale of search you will have to perform. Some inhabitants of the luxurious Victorian mansion will help you to complete your quest, some will try their best to prevent you from succeeding. But everyone of those will have a personal story to tell. iPad version of the game preserved the original complicated plot, high-detailed graphics and authentic soundtrack.

“Keeping your eyes shut on mobile games is strategically wrong especially when all the necessary resources to develop this kind of titles are at hand,” says NIKITA ONLINE’s CEO Stepan Zotov. ”The Panic Room iOS release allows us to better understand the new market. The game’s overall quality recognized by the social networks users makes me feel confident of our tablet endeavor's success”.

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