Global update for «Sphere 3: Enchanted world»: meet the new craft system

7 December, 2016, Moscow. — New update has launched this week in the main project of NIKITA ONLINE’s own design: «Sphere 3» now has the crafting system.
This new game function will allow players gather resources, process them and craft different things. Now every character can choose the most suitable profession, raise the crafting skill up to the highest level and create the best items in the game. At the moment each character can only choose one crafting profession and learn it from special teacher. The level of player’s profession determines what items they can craft and what resources they can gather.

Concerning resources, they can be gathered from special in-game objects that have also appeared with this update: ore veins, special trees and plants spawn all over the world of Sphere. Gathering resources doesn’t require any special skills: all you need is to have gathering tool (mining pick or hunter’s knife for example) in your inventory. These tools can be bought from special trader of crafting items that can be found in every big town.

One can craft everything in «Sphere 3» including rare high-level items. And don’t forget that the crafted items can get unique set of parameters or special abilities. To encourage players into crafting the developers have invented new system of random prefixes and suffixes for items. Prefixes can increase the existing parameters of the item, and suffixes – add some completely new ones.

To learn how to craft the item, your character must use special scroll with its formula. To do that their skill of crafting should be the same level with the formula or higher. When your character only starts learning chosen profession, they get new formulas automatically, and on the higher levels player can get the crafting formulas from mobs and bosses in the open world and dungeons or buy them from special NPCs.

«Many players of Sphere 3 were looking forward to this update, — says CEO of NIKITA ONLINE Stepan Zotov. — For us this new crafting system wasn’t only about adding the new function to the game but the entire new niche in the gaming process. We wanted to make in-game crafting not only useful but also interesting for the game economics. That’s why we paid special attention to such moments as gathering resources, parameters and abilities of the crafted equipment and their rarity and exclusiveness. We hope that our players will like this update as much as we do».

At the moment the developers of NIKITA ONLINE are working on other important updates that will appear in the game shortly.

You can learn more about the crafting system on the official web-site of «Sphere 3»:

«Sphere 3: Enchanted World» is the sequel to the first client MMORPG game developed in Russia. The project is mostly PvP-oriented, though alongside the huge variety of options for "player vs. player" battles there’s also a wide and carefully developed storyline made in the classic "fantasy" genre. One of the creators of the game plot is a famous Russian fantasy writer – Alexander Zorich. Battles between players may happen in any corner of the game world, excluding starting zones and some specific locations. The game received a new non-target (the user determines the object of attack manually by aiming the sight) combat system that offers a high degree of freedom for experienced players and is user-friendly to the beginners.

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