«The Panic Room: House of Secrets» comes to Amazon Appstore

December 12, 2017, Moscow – NIKITA ONLINE has brought «The Panic Room: House of Secrets» to Amazon Appstore.
Russian game developer and publisher NIKITA ONLINE has launched its game «The Panic Room: House of Secrets» on Amazon Appstore for Android devices.

«The Panic Room: House of Secrets» was made available to Android-based smartphone and tablet owners earlier this year when NIKITA ONLINE launched its game on Google Play app store in September, 2017, but Amazon Appstore is an equally popular service that provides excellent opportunities for promoting games and various apps.

The release will allow Amazon Appstore users to play «The Panic Room» in English, French and German languages and enjoy its unique features that made it extremely popular with players all over the world.

«Our primary goal at this moment is international expansion. To achieve it, we translate «The Panic Room» in different languages and bring it to social, gaming and mobile platforms in Asia and in the West. Launching «The Panic Room» on Google Play helped us realize what an excellent opportunity it is: we always strive to expand the player base, attract new players and expand the company’s sphere of influence on the global market, which is why bringing our game to Amazon Appstore was only» – commented CEO of NIKITA ONLINE Stepan Zotov.

«The Panic Room» is a hidden object game featuring a detective story plot with supernatural elements, which accounts for its popularity and more than 10 million active players all over the world. Bringing it to Amazon Appstore will increase the project’s player base and promote interest for the games of this genre, increasing the demand for such games in the mobile apps market.

«The Panic Room: House of Secrets» is available at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0778JGJ1J/

«The Panic Room: House of Secrets» is a hidden object game with a non-linear plot featuring a mysterious Puppeteer and the people he imprisoned in his old-fashioned mansion. The mystical ambience of Victorian era, challenging quests and engaging puzzles make it stand out in the browser, mobile and social games market.

For more information about the game visit panicroomgame.com

NIKITA ONLINE, founded in 1991, is the first Russian gaming company. Today it is one of the well-known Russian game developers and publishers. NIKITA ONLINE has offices in Moscow and Rostov-on-Don and operates more than twenty five projects on local and global markets. Over the years the company has published more than 200 games of different types and genres. Currently NIKITA ONLINE is operating in the market of online games and games for social networks and mobile applications, presenting various set of games: from cunning puzzles to large-scale fantasy projects. The number of people registered in the projects of the company exceeds 24.2 million.

The company created its own entertainment portal – GameXP that provides convenient services for registration, authorization and communication to its users. There one can find popular foreign blockbusters and bright novelties from independent developers as well as the games of the NIKITAONLINE’s own design.

For more information about the company visit www.nikitaonline.ru

Amazon Appstore is a shop for Android-based smartphone and tablet apps founded by Amazon.com, the world’s largest online store. It was launched on March 22, 2011 and is available in more than 200 countries.

For more information about the company visit www.amazon.com

Representatives of the media can receive additional information in the press service of NIKITA ONLINE at the address: pr@gamexp.com

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