NIKITA ONLINE launches The Panic Room: Outrage on Facebook

6th of February 2014, Moscow. — The Panic Room: Outrage, a multiplatform hidden object game developed by the oldest Russian game company NIKITA ONLINE and inspired by classical suspense fiction, is now available for English-speaking facebookers.
Having won more than 4.7 million-strong audience throughout major Russian, Japanese, Latvian and Polish social networks, The Panic Room: Outrage makes its highly anticipated appearance on English-speaking Facebook ( NIKITA ONLINE, a leading Russian online games publisher and developer, intends to push on with exploring new markets by launching its first and already successful social effort on the world’s largest social gaming platform.

True to the game’s genre, The Panic Room: Outrage gameplay is built around locating various items spread at random over intricately decorated virtual environments, as well as solving some brain-wrenching puzzles. Realistic visuals, catchy Victorian-style design and smooth background music are all aimed at immersing the player deeper into the dense atmosphere of Agatha Christie’s fiction. But what truly marks The Panic Room: Outrage among its counterparts is thrilling storyline reminding that of a real suspense movie.

A path of over 1400 plot-driven quests lies ahead of the player, who can freely choose between two rival in-game factions: The Underground and The Followers. The first faction is looking to oppose the game’s main villain, the Puppeteer. The members of the second faction, on the other hand, praise the psychotic Puppeteer as their leader and teacher. The entire storyline is divided into seasons. While working on the game’s scenario, the developers made a good use of the filmmakers’ expertise.

“Games, movies and fiction all have their own effective means of providing entertainment whether it comes to stimulating your imagination, playing on your senses to draw more empathy or engaging you in interactive experience. We did our best to combine them all in The Panic Room,” says NIKITA ONLINE’s CEO Stepan Zotov. “Our team ventured to explore how deep you can go with making a social game entirely centered around storyline with complicated characters and situations. Deeper than we thought, as it turned out. Even after The Panic Room has been launched on the variety of social networks and in the Apple App Store, we are still very excited about presenting our game to enormous community of Facebook users.”

Besides Facebook, The Panic Room: Outrage currently runs on the biggest Russian (Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, My World), Japanese (Yahoo! Mobage), Polish (Nasza Klasa) and Latvian (Draugiem) social networks.

The game is also available for Apple iPad users ( worldwide and has been repeatedly rated among the top 3 titles in Puzzle and Adventure charts of the Russian App Store.

NIKITA ONLINE was founded in 1991 and became the first game company in Russia. It has two offices — in Moscow and Rostov-on-Don. Currently NIKITA ONLINE operates in Russia, CIS and the Baltic states with 19 MMO and browser-based titles, including social and mobile game The Panic Room: Outrage. The company has developed more than 100 titles and localized more than 70. Today there are more than 11 million unique users registered in NIKITA ONLINE’s projects. For more information, please, head to

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