The Panic Room: House of Secrets Is Now Available in Portuguese on Facebook

30th of April 2015, Moscow. — Panic Room: Casa dos Segredos becomes the title under which Portuguese-speaking Facebook users may now find the new language version of the worldwide popular social and mobile mystery game The Panic Room: House of Secrets.
With the Portuguese version released, Facebook users speaking five different languages can plunge into thrilling adventure full of unexpected turns and mystical occurrences without leaving their native language environment. Along with English, Russian, German and French, Portuguese is now a fully playable language in The Panic Room: House of Secrets on Facebook (

“What sets our game apart from many other hidden object titles is the opulence of text content which derives from the fact that conceptually The Panic Room is built around intricate storyline currently stretching for more than two thousand quests. For us, translating the entire game into Portuguese is a deliberate response to the growing percentage of Portuguese-speaking users in the game’s international audience,” says NIKITA ONLINE’s Public Relations Manager Pavel Elchenko.

The Panic Room gameplay is built around locating various items spread at random over intricately decorated virtual environments, as well as solving some brain-wrenching puzzles. Realistic visuals, catchy Victorian-style design and smooth background music are all aimed at immersing the player deeper into the dense atmosphere of Agatha Christie’s fiction. But what truly marks The Panic Room: House of Secrets among its counterparts is thrilling storyline reminding that of a suspense movie. A path of over 2000 plot-driven quests lies ahead of the player, who can freely choose between two rival in-game factions: The Underground and The Followers.


- Dense atmosphere of paranormal detective.
- 2 alternative storylines presented in 2000+ quests.
- Highly-detailed graphics and immersive soundscape.
- 24 unique characters.
- New possibilities, game modes, characters and quests with regularly issued updates.
- Special events and challenges by The Panic Room: House of Secrets dev team.

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