NIKITA ONLINE Announces the Closed Beta Test for Sphere 3: Enchanted World

15th of May 2015, Moscow. — Sphere 3: Enchanted World is about to receive its first inhabitants: NIKITA ONLINE, a leading Russian online games publisher and developer, scheduled the initial closed beta test stage for the long-awaited threequel of the first Russian-made client MMORPG Sphere.
NIKITA ONLINE has appointed the date for Sphere 3: Enchanted World CBT to take off: on the 19th of May first-comers will be allowed into yet unexplored realm of Sphere. Thus the game series which earned legendary status among Russian MMO aficionados makes its new and long-awaited appearance after 12 years since the release of the original title.

“The sheer number of games we have published and developed throughout our almost quarter-century history is nearing impressive two hundred titles. Sphere is special in the way it is commonly distinguished as a watchword for our company,” states NIKITA ONLINE’s CEO Stepan Zotov. “But that is not the only reason why this CBT is way beyond mere formality. We are going to make good account of valuable feedback from the first settlers of Enchanted World in further developing the game.”

Sphere 3: Enchanted World in-door tests on the earlier stages of development involved no more than 100 gamers being concurrently online. The launch of CBT will put the game’s inner systems and technical infrastructure to the first real trial. The way the title’s development will take from here on depends, to a great extent, on creative insights from gamers: the thread where they can share their opinions with Sphere 3 team is already available on the game’s official forum (

Gamers can still apply for the CBT on Sphere 3: Enchanted World official web-site ( the access to the game’s early version is granted at random. It is possible for users to secure their chance at the CBT participation by gaining themselves access codes which are already being given away by Russian gaming media outlets, as well as the game’s official community on the social network (

Sphere 3: Enchanted World is a new epic journey to the fantasy realm of Sphere, inhabited by creatures of four playable races co-existing in a state of precarious equilibrium which rapidly falls apart in the wake the ancient evil. Sphere 3 developers have gone to great lengths to preserve the signature features of the original Sphere: variety and depth as regards to game mechanics. The whole new non-target combat system and elaborate storyline were incorporated in the game since the earliest phases of development. In their work on new Sphere the developers were associated by the well-known Russian-speaking science fiction and fantasy writer Alexander Zorich and sound design professionals from Strategic Music company.

NIKITA ONLINE was founded in 1991 and became the first game company in Russia. Currently NIKITA ONLINE operates with 20 MMO and browser-based titles, including 2 social and mobile games. The company has developed more than 100 titles and localized more than 70. Today there are more than 20 million unique users registered in NIKITA ONLINE’s projects. For more information please head to

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