«Sphere 3: Enchanted world» update: New PvE Realm

April 28 2016, Moscow. — A long-awaited update launches in the sequel of the legendary MMORPG, the main project of the leading Russian game company NIKITA ONLINE: «Sphere 3: Enchanted world» opens its first PvE realm. The launch is driven by the increasing popularity of the game and growing number of users who are more interested in the PvE side of the game than in endless fighting.
New game realm is meant for PvE-oriented players, who’d like to explore uncharted territories and perform quests; who want to focus on fast development of their character and mastering of the end-game content rather than improving their skills in one-on-one fights and surviving in the cruel world of Sphere. One of the main advantages of playing on this realm is that now, when it launches, all the players who come there will have equal chances to reach the level-cap, create a strong clan, capture castles and become real power that all other players will have to consider. The main features of the PvE realm are:

• Safe zone for each of the factions (same as on PvP realm, but here it will extend to the entire territory controlled by the faction);
• Shared territory — neutral safe zone;
• Players can feel safe on the territory of their faction or the shared territory;
• On the territory of the enemy faction enemy players can attack you if they have activated the PvP-mode;
• Players with active PvP-mode can attack each other in any place of the world;
• Players can’t declare war to other clan, because clan wars affect karma system, and the rules of karma don’t work on PvE realm.

Casual players can look for adventures in the marvelous open world of Sphere solo or in group with their friends without worrying about being killed by high level enemy or losing karma points.

«Massive and dynamic non-stop PvP-actions taking part in every corner of the world of Sphere 3 - that was the emphasis for the developing team from the very beginning, — says company CEO Stepan Zotov. — But at the same time we tried to listen to the players who don’t want the hardships of PvP world to ruin the fun of leveling their characters. We want everyone to be able to find themselves comfortable in the wonderful world of Sphere, so we are happy to announce the launch of the new PvE realm!»

"Sphere 3: Enchanted World" is the sequel to the first client MMORPG game developed in Russia. The project is mostly PvP-oriented, though alongside the huge variety of options for "player vs. player" battles there’s also a wide and carefully developed storyline made in the classic "fantasy" genre. One of the creators of the game plot that now consists of over than 1000 quests and side texts is a famous Russian fantasy writer – Alexander Zorich. Battles between players may happen in any corner of the game world, excluding starting zones and some specific locations. The game received a new non-target (the user determines the object of attack manually by aiming the sight) combat system that offers a high degree of freedom for experienced players and is user-friendly to the beginners.

NIKITA ONLINE was founded in 1991 and became the first game company in Russia. Currently NIKITA ONLINE has offices located in Moscow and Rostov-on-Don and offers more than 20 projects to the users in Russia and abroad. Through the course of its history the company has developed more than 100 and localized more than 70 titles of different types and genres including social and mobile projects. The number of unique accounts registered in out projects exceeds 22.8 million. The company also owns its own social platform GameXP (http://www.gamexp.ru/), bringing together all the projects of NIKITA ONLINE on the basis of a common authorization system and providing convenient communication services to more than 13.7 million of its users. Learn more about the company on the website: www.nikitaonline.ru.

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