«Panic room» launches on Steam

27 April 2016, Moscow. — NIKITA ONLINE announces the launch of a thrilling detective project «Panic room» on the biggest digital distribution platform Steam.
«Panic room» is a detective social and mobile game in the “hidden objects” genre. Carefully selected music, detailed graphics and exciting plot — all this creates the intense thrilling atmosphere that encourages you to balance between danger and curiosity. Waking up in a Victorian-style mansion, the protagonist finds out that the luxury house has become his prison. And that he is locked there with other prisoners of the psychopath calling himself the Puppeteer. To get out of the house, our hero has to perform the tasks of his captor, but eventually a thirst for freedom gives some place for a desire to reveal all the secrets of the maniac who is so skilled in pulling strings of human lives.

Game features:
• More than 1600 quests;
• 23 characters, each with a unique temper and storyline;
• Thrilling atmosphere of the classic Victorian detective story;
• 2 opposite factions — 2 alternate plot variations;
• 17 carefully designed locations;
• 9 game modes;
• An exciting adventure that is already highly appreciated by millions of players all over the world!

Game launch in Steam (http://store.steampowered.com/app/436160/), where, according to the service’s data, about 100 000 000 of active accounts are already registered, will allow the «Panic room» to increase its user base. At the moment, the amount of users of the project in different social networks is about 8.8 million, and the game has repeatedly entered the top 3 of "Adventure" and "Puzzle" categories in the Russian-speaking segment of App Store.

«The ”Panic room” is one of the most successful projects of our company, — said Stepan Zotov, CEO of NIKITA ONLINE. — Launch on the new platform is an important and crucial step, as well as a significant contribution to the longevity of this thrilling game».

NIKITA ONLINE, founded in 1991, is the first Russian gaming company. Currently NIKITA ONLINE has offices in Moscow and Rostov-on-Don and operates more than twenty projects on the markets of Russia, CIS and Baltic states. Over the years the company has localized over 70 and has developed more than 100 games of different types of and genres, including social and mobile platforms. The number of users registered in the company's projects exceeds 22.8 million. All of the projects are presented in one of the largest Russian-language entertainment portals, GameXP (http://www.gamexp.ru/), which provides convenient services for registration, authorization and communication for more than 13.7 million of its users. For more information about the company visit www.nikitaonline.ru

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